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Total Communication.

Ism, ism, ism.

9 October
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Here, as I gaze ideas into your spiritual unit, I find the strong indigo color vibrating most strongly. You have travelled throughout all the continents of your universe, you have entered the solar systems in vast creativity in search of a greater wisdom that is not without but within itself and found its identity in the supremacy of all energies. May we prove this fact by the longing, the tenderness, and the yearning that constantly changes your vibration to where you are in the world but not of the world. It is in your way to now in the future contribute in a most strong vibrational force the answers to questions asked by many that you will find coming near and about you. It is hard to conceive of all the generations and centuries past to where you have finally succeeded in entering the wheel of life to where you are seeking and knowing your individuality. - John Lennon.

nilsa . 22 . new york city . huge fan of music . Michael Jackson is/always has been/will always BE my life . beatles & john lennon fanatic . libra . loves the supernatural . loves hanson . moderator over at scratchinvinyl .

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